The people behind Mango Tree Photography – Eugene Wedding Photographers
carol with george for eugene wedding photography
Carol Anne and George Tran are passionate about photography. We travel around the world frequently to take photos as part of our adventure. You see, photography is not just about snapping thousands of pictures: it’s about visual communication, it’s about storytelling, it’s about evoking emotion in the viewer, it’s about people taking a moment from their daily grind to take note and say, “Wow!” It’s attributes such as these that make Eugene Wedding Photographers at Mango Tree Photography special.

George is a techno-wizard. He has a Masters in marketing and business and has designed and built big Internet-based businesses that you’ve probably used while shopping for that “something blue” for your wedding. He has applied his focused, logical mind to his passion for photography. He revels in technical photography from extreme closeups (also known as Macro photography) to High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.

Carol is an artist. She is trained in drawing, painting, sculpture, and is a professional jeweler. She has a way of finding amusement in any situation and, before you know it, you’re laughing along with her. Her lifetime of artistic endeavors has really honed her skills and she has a near effortless way of picking the perfect composition, best colors, and most interesting aneles for her shots.

You can see our work, both wedding and general photography, in our Portfolio section.